Welcome to my Kitchen!

20 Aug

I am excited to announce the creation of my first blog! First I want to welcome you, and I also hope that this experience is as fun for you as it will be for me!

Now a little background about me; My name is Christopher DelGross, I am a middle-aged engineer who really wants to be a chef when I grow up. I of course, have always loved food.  We Italians, especially Italian-Americans have a culture where food and family is at the center and our relationship with food is often a love-hate relationship.  We love to cook, taste, share, talk, and eat food, yet we hate what it does to our waistline!

My cooking background is a mixture of Italian and Mexican cuisine. I have been very fortunate to apprentice under two of the best amateur chefs I have ever known, my father Robert DelGross  and my mother-in-law Maria del Carmen Gudino Jimenez. I say they are amateur chefs, but in reality they could put more than a few five-star chefs out of business!

In this blog I hope to accomplish a few things:

#1 – Share all my cooking experiences and recipes using fresh, primarily organic ingredients;

#2 – Share my opinions/reviews of some local New England restaurants I have eaten at;

#3 – Wax poetic on random food related, or non-food related thoughts;

#4 – Showcase some of my favorite chefs, dishes, and books on cooking!

So thank you for coming to my blog, I hope you enjoy, and please follow me!

2 Responses to “Welcome to my Kitchen!”

  1. Michael C. Smith August 20, 2010 at 3:05 am #

    Good job. I wish you all the best in your new adventure – founder Boston Carnival Village.

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