Time to make the Sausage

2 Sep

With all the news today about foodborne illness, artisan cookery has made a comeback in America. Artisan breadmaking, sausagemaking, cheesemaking, all of these skills have entire online communities where amateurs exchange recipes, ideas, and tips to making their own fresh foods.

This weekend, I will take the plunge. Armed with my new KitchenAid mixer, my grinder attachment, and my hog casings, I will make my first attempt at making my own sausages, Mexican Chorizo to be precise. After spending several years trying to find a local source for this delicious taco filling, I have given up and decided there is nothing more fresh and local than my own kitchen.

Chorizo is nothing more than a chile and garlic flavored sausage that was first brought to the Americas by Spanish Conquistadors. It has evolved into a distinctively Mexican sausage of the last several hundred years.

After this adventure, I will post both the ingredients and the process that I used in production of my own Mexican Chorizo. I can just taste those tacos now!

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