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Aubergine and Feta Tarts with a Tamarind Drizzle

16 Feb

Every week I repost on my blog the best recipes (chosen by yours truly) from the blogs that I follow. This is a wonderful recipe from Vered at Eat Now Talk Later. It is a brilliant starter or tapas that uses the unique flavor of tamarindo. I know I will be trying this recipe very soon!

Eat Now Talk Later

Even though tamarind is usually used in asian cooking, I’ve used it here in a Mediterranean style tart. I really like the sweet and  tangy flavour and thought it would be perfect with cheese. I love all these ingredients separately but I’ve never used them together before.

As you may already know I love puff pastry for being delicious, easy to use, and amazingly versatile. It’s works so well with Mediterranean ingredients and especially cheese. I have previously posted a recipe for Mozzarella and Pesto tarts on puff pastry.

This is a simple recipe that makes a perfect starter or light lunch. Serve with a salad and some sliced meats.

Aubergine and Feta Tarts with a Tamarind Drizzle

Start to finish time: 45 minutes
Serves: 2


150g ready rolled puff pastry
1 aubergine, sliced about 5 mm thick
1 tbsp olive oil
4 tbsp tomato puree
4 tsp  garlic oil
100g feta cheese

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