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It is all about the “o”!!!

21 Aug

On countless occasions throughout my life I have had to clear up a particular abnormality in my surname. It is rather obvious to see that I claim to be a DelGrosso, yet my last name is DelGross. It is a simple matter of the “o”, rather, the simple fact that it is missing from my surname.  

Alas, the “o” was “accidentally” dropped from my father’s birth certificate when he was born. Nobody can explain to my sisters and me why this oddity was never fixed. So we have had to go through life without our true identity, living like Bruce Wayne, our own little battle with duality. We go to functions where all our relatives are DelGrosso’s and yet we are DelGross’s. My daughter even perpetuates this error, here birth certificate says DelGross. I was told recently that for myself, it is rather easy to change my last name back to DelGrosso, but for children it is a difficult thing to do. So my daughter will have to endure the same duality that I have had to live.

This year I concluded a fun genealogical search through to my great-great grandparents in Italy. Perhaps I will use this forum to post the findings of that search. In closing, I want to claim my right to the DelGrosso surname. This will be my Nome de guerre throughout this blogging adventure. So no more confusion or questions please!